Sunday, October 2, 2016

65 Reasons to Smile

Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents have always wanted to go to "The Wilds" animal park and so in honor of their 65th Wedding Anniversary, we took them on a safari adventure.
Thanks Austin and Bri for taking care of Yesteryear Acres
so we could go celebrate their day. 
"Don't worry Amelia - we will make up for it when we work ALL day tomorrow!"
Ha Ha Ha - Daddy - you gave me the day off! 
We will be back soon,  unless the lions get us!

Amelia assured us, no man-eating lions here
Just lots of reasons to smile
The herd of bison alone gave us 65 reasons to smile!
The ultimate battle of who is better looking 
Just your ordinary Ohio Rhinoceros taking a walk in the field  
Cheetah Brothers 
I am pretty sure he wanted to come home with me
This guy was my favorite animal of the day 
Sichuan Takin 
Head of a Wildebeest, back end of a bear and a Guinea Pig Face!
Love him! 
The Ostrich had nefarious plans of overtaking the bus
Heh Heh Heh.....The bus is mine! 

Not so fast there Mr. Ostrich! 
Just Chillin! 
"Have you ever wanted....... 
a camel kiss?" 
Time for our safari to end
as the last giraffe headed out into the sunset
Happy 65th!!!!

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