Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Puptober!

We are welcoming in the month of October with new puppies to love!!!!! Happy Puptober! Truffles and Barkley are the proud parents of our newest little doodle puppies.
We have 10 Caramel puppies chocolate pup! 
Normally we have a 50/50 split with chocolates and caramels but 
Truffles said, "I LOVE CARAMELS!" 
The little cuties are all doing well 
and Truffles is taking such good care of her sweet babies.
Maple's Double Doodle Puppies are really starting to get big now.
Outside Recess Time is a blast!
Time to play! 
So much to do! 
"I like exploring" 
"The grass tickles my feet" 
"I see Bri!" 
"Kiss time!" 
"Did someone say kiss time?" 
"The line starts here" 
Everybody gets a turn!  

"That was great" 
"Can't wait until next time!" 
Happy Monday!!!

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