Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Do Not Worry

I do a really good job of keeping a level head.  It is hard for me to become overly anxious as I practice the theory of, "not worrying about something until it is necessary to worry." One can lose endless amounts of time worrying about something that may or may not happen.  There comes a point in time when it becomes quite evident that NOW is the time to start worrying and I do my best to wait until that exact moment occurs.  Anything prior to that point is really just wasted energy and a waste of appreciating the day.  Well today, I failed.  I did not practice what I preach.  I started worrying quite early on and felt my anxiety creep up upon me until I was just one big worry wart.  I left my daughter's house with plenty of time to get to the airport.  Plenty.  Or so I thought.  Hurricane Matthew did a very good job of making my trip to the airport one to remember.  I encountered numerous road closures and since I am unfamiliar with the area, I had no idea how to find an alternative route.  I was at the mercy of my "Recalculating, Recalculating, Recalculating" GPS and was forced to drive at a snail's pace along with the other motorists funneled into the only open routes.  I kept watching my GPS arrival time become later and later.  I needed to find an open gas station so I could fuel up the rental car.  I needed to return the rental car.  I needed to check my baggage.  About 1 hour into the journey, my fingers had wound so tightly around the steering wheel, I am fairly certain they will need to replace the steering wheel cover! In the end, I made it to the airport and had 10 minutes to return my rental car, check my baggage, get through security and board my flight.  Panic had officially set in.  Well wouldn't you know it......there was no line at the rental car counter and all they wanted were the keys and to say, "have a safe trip home."  I walked to the ticket counter and was immediately helped and got my luggage checked in less than 1 minute.  I was 2nd in line for security and got through in record time.  I made it to the gate, walked on the plane and sat in my seat and had 4 minutes to spare.  I wish I could have told my past self frantically hoping to catch my flight that I should relax and breathe and all would be well! Dear Past Self....what did you learn today (besides never think driving to the airport after a hurricane will be a simple task)? Do not worry until it is necessary to worry. You are welcome. Homeward Bound!

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