Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Every September our Doodle Doggies get their Autumn Spa treatment. Doodle Baths, Doodle Trims, Doodle Haircuts, Doodle Pedicures - the works.  This September, I was so busy traveling back and forth to North Carolina, the Autumn Doodle Spa treatment didn't happen.  We really like to have all our Doodle Doggies in short coats during the fall so that by the time winter rolls around, they all have nice Doodle "sweaters" and their coats are just the right length for Old Man Winter. Well, when I got home yesterday, I had quite the SPA-tacular greeting!  Every Doodle Doggie got their Spa treatment!!!!  My daughter was really busy while I was gone!!!!!  The Doodle Doggies are all so beautiful! They are so soft!  They are so....naked!  LOL   "Why hello there Maple.....I almost didn't recognize you without your doodleness!"  The doggies just LOVE their new spa looks.  They are running around so light and free and just have to snuggle up to us to make sure we know how soft and adorable they are.  Autumn Spa Treatments....SPA-tacular!!!! Thanks Amelia!

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