Monday, October 10, 2016

Leaf Hat

The puppies have been just loving the beautiful weather we have had all this week.  With little hints of Autumn popping up here and there, recess time is even more fun!
"Do you like my new leaf hat?"

"Can I have one?"
"I found a whole pile of hats"

"Off to find more!"

"Mine blew away"

Leaf hunting is fun

"I am getting really good at this game"

"I like to catch them in mid-air"

"Got it!"

"Thanks for the toys Mr. Yesteryear Acres....

but we like playing with leaves better"

"Shhhhh, I am looking for leaves"

"I found a big one"

"My leaf"

"More toys?"

"They look interesting.....

But look at that leaf waiting right there!"

"I am going to get it"

"This one is heavy"

"But I will bring it to Mr. Yesteryear Acres"

"While everyone else plays with leaves, I get all the toys!!!!"

"Off for more leaves!"
"Heh Heh Heh Best game ever!"

"Can we save this one?"

"Let's bring it inside!"

"Wanna play tug of war leaf?"


"Another great day"

"Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres"

While the Double Doodles have fun playing,
Truffles is taking excellent care of her sweet doodle puppies

All eleven babies are doing well

They are a sweet snuggly bunch

of love

Caramel Cuties

With a bit of chocolate!


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