Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Hall-who-ween!!

Tomorrow is Halloween! And since it was storming and rainy here I was an excellent assistant and helped my sister carve her pumpkin, well as much as I could via phone and pictures. My sister is an excellent artist. She can literally turn anything into a masterpiece. You may think I am biased, but as you will see she completely transformed this pumpkin! I only assisted by listening to her musings as she thought out loud. We both know I am no actual help in the realm of art, those genes have completely skipped me (gee thanks Mom and Dad). However my sister was kind enough to include me in her carving of this gorgeous pumpkin! Thanks Abigail!

This is what she used. I don't even understand how she transformed these objects into tools of her craft. Sometimes I have trouble buttering my toast with a knife like that....

Your average pumpkin AKA The Before Shot

The first cuts... WHO could it be??

The most epic owl! That's WHO!

It's all about the details. Look at his cute little feathers and feet!

TA-DA! What a Masterpiece!

She even used every part of the pumpkin! I wish I was in North Carolina to assist in taste testing!! :) 

See!? I wasn't biased at all!!

Happy Hall-WHO-ween Everyone!!! 

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