Sunday, October 23, 2016

You Can Put Eggplant In That

Our bountiful harvest of eggplant left me with plenty of room for a creative chef license.  We have had quite the assortment of eggplant dishes for dinner.  Every other day, I try a new dinner menu idea with eggplant and so far, I have not had a single miss! Every dish was delicious! Szechuan Eggplant. Yum!  Thai Roasted Spicy Eggplant. Yum!  Eggplant Parmigiana. Yum!  Breaded Eggplant Slices. Eggplant Rice. Eggplant hummus. Eggplant Ravioli. The list goes on and on.  I think my oven is getting used to the new routine.
Eggplant halves ready for roasting

and bake!
Dinner tonight is Meatloaf!!!!  And not just regular meatloaf. Oh no, I simply couldn't make normal meatloaf.  We are having Meatloaf with.......
Yes.  You can put eggplant in that.  Just roast the eggplant, scoop out the insides and throw it in with the bread crumbs.  Next thing you know you will be hearing praises like, "Your meatloaf is amazing!" and "Your meatloaf is so moist and delicious!"  Honestly - just throw eggplant in everything.  That's what I have been doing and so far so good!  After Mr. Yesteryear Acres picked MORE eggplant today, I only have about 3 dozen eggplant to go!  Eggplant Ice Cream anyone?  Just kidding.  Don't put eggplant in that!

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