Friday, October 7, 2016

Mission Complete

Yesterday I set out on a Hurricane Readiness Mission. There were a few vital hurricane necessities that were missing at my daughter's house.  She had one penlight flashlight.  That is it.  No candles.  No matches.  You get the picture.  I got into my rental car and set out in search of the top 10 hurricane survival items so that we would be ready for the storm. The big stores were already emptied of most necessities.  Water, Flashlights and batteries were the first to go.  Shelves were pretty much bare at this point. Hurricane Matthew - Challenge Accepted! I traveled down the road and stopped at every little store that I could find.  "Crafts Here" - I stopped and picked up a box of large tea candles for $.25 each.  A small hardware store had one lighter still for sale.  One by one, I got everything on the list.  Our hurricane checklist is complete!
Matches were a tough one to find....but I got them!

Candles were impossible!!!  Every store was sold out of candles.  I was so lucky to find these on the bottom shelf in a Christmas Aisle at the dollar store! We have light!

Hurricane Readiness Mission Complete!
Flashlights, charcoal, lighter fluid, batteries, Battery operated LED lanterns, Peanut butter and maybe a box of candy!  We are so ready!

This little guy was waiting at the door.  I think he wanted to ride out the storm with us.

as did this guy!
I got one last misty rainy walk in before the storm begins

AND baked a double batch of Blackstrap Molasses Oatmeal Cookies. 
We are ready!

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  1. You should get your daughter a oil lamp. My Grandmother gave me one when I moved away from home, best gift ever!


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