Sunday, October 9, 2016

All is Well

To say we had a stormy day and night would be an understatement.  Rain upon rain upon rain poured from the sky while the winds shook the house and rattled the windows.  A couple of times we wondered if the house would make it through the storm without suffering serious damage.  We had several emergency plans in place from high water to tornado safety shelter locations. The worst of it came around 9pm last night and lasted almost until dawn. It was not a restful night that is for sure. I don't know how we have power this morning because the electric was on and off all night but somehow we awoke to lights, a coffee maker and a happy refrigerator and a big sigh of relief. The surrounding streets are flooded and many roads are impassable. We saw picture updates of the beach I visited on Friday and it is all but gone.  The sea took out some of the dunes and has surged far past the parking area and into the roadways.  The town did not fare well either. Downed trees, power lines, flooded streets - it is a mess.  The sun is desperately trying to make an appearance and I hope with the sun, the flood waters will recede and the clean up can begin.  For now, we are safe.  The house is secure.  We have drinking water and electricity and food.  We are undoubtedly lucky and so very grateful. All is well.

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