Sunday, October 16, 2016

Date Night at Yesteryear Acres Looks Like This

Tonight Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I find ourselves all alone.  Just the two of us. Well just the two of us and Doodle Doggies and Doodle Puppies and Doodle Kitties and Doodle Horsies etc. etc. etc. but as alone as we would ever be. We are going to have a date night.  We are going to grill steaks and have fresh grilled eggplant and homemade rolls and hand-dipped caramel apples for dessert.  It will be great.  It will be romantic.  We are definitely NO MATTER WHAT going to start the grill by 5:30pm.  We are NO MATTER WHAT going to eat early and maybe watch a movie and just enjoy date night. Date night is definitely happening.
This is what Date Night at Yesteryear Acres looks like.....
Do you know what time it is? 
"Time to trim our bushes??
go get the rake?"
Romance is definitely in the air!

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