Monday, October 24, 2016

Now We Are Ready

Today Truffles Sweet Doodle Puppies and I waited outside in the sunshine for Mr. Yesteryear Acres to come out and help with Puppy Picture Monday.

"Well what should we do while we wait?"

"What do you mean we could try to take pictures without him?"

"We don't know how to do that!"
"I think we need Mr. Yesteryear Acres to help us"

"And give us kisses"

"I have an idea!"

"Let's all crawl on your lap until he gets here!!!!!!"

"Hooray! Mr. Yesteryear Acres made it!"

Everybody gather round

"First we get kisses"


"and then we get hugs"
"And then Mr. Yesteryear Acres gets us ready for our photos"  
"NOW we are ready for pictures!"

"Wasn't that easy?"

Four Caramel Girls

Such Cuties

One Chocolate Girl  
6 Caramel Boys

Good little puppy models!

Picture Day is always fun 
See you next week


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