Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaf, Leaf, Leaf, Poop

Remember the game, "Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose"?  Well today I played a different version called, "Leaf, Leaf, Leaf, Poop."  The game goes like this.....
In the dreary cold drizzly rain, go outside to clean up Doodle Doggie Poop and Doodle Puppy Poop.  With all the fallen leaves on the ground, the doodle poop lies in wait.  Camouflaged to perfection. With my handy hoe and shovel I set out in search of the hidden doodle poop.  Is that poop?  Nope - leaf.  How about that one?  Nope - leaf.  How about....oh what did I step on?  A leaf? Nope!  Poop!  Ah the simple joys of Leaf, Leaf, Leaf, Poop.  It is a game for all ages!  Everyone can play!  All together now...
Leaf, Leaf, Leaf, Poop!
Hours later - a beautiful poop free, bountiful leaf scattered, autumn backyard!

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