Saturday, October 22, 2016

Is it Snuggle Time Yet?

Quiet moments around Yesteryear Acres are far and few between. We are on the go all day long and rarely sit down before 10-10:30pm at night.  Today I was outside by 8:42am and didn't come back in until after 6pm.  It is just before 8pm and I am thinking Mr. Yesteryear Acres just might want me to start making some dinner. But first.....
A goodnight meal for the kittens
This little guy likes to crawl up my back and sit there while I mix his kitten food.
He just sits on my shoulder and purrs in my ear.
Good little kitty
and I can't forget I need to play just one more game of fetch.  
Olive is patiently waiting for her turn.
And then I still have 100 things to do and
ahhhhhhhh Snuggle Time!
Can't wait!

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