Sunday, April 11, 2010


Home again!!! I am now officially done with my travels for a few months. I had a nice drive home with my daughter and we personally selected almost 300 songs for our playlist to keep us grooving all the way home. We had some awesome tunes! I had the best time, but am really glad to be back home. My doggies were so excited to see me this evening, I think I got over 100 spins of excitement. I have one doggie in particular that just spins and wags his tail, then spins and wags his tail every time he is super happy. He really gave me the twirling special tonight! The next few days will be unbelievably busy but after I push through this week, things should settle down some. Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!! I will have all new pictures of our puppies posted on our website. They are so cute and I am looking forward to getting their new photos up. Then I have to go lock myself upstairs and except for chauffeuring the kids to sports, doctor's and orthodontist appointments I am not to leave for any reason. Well maybe I can get an excuse to leave to visit the restroom or to grab a very small and QUICK bite to eat - but nothing more than that. We all know what is coming...... We all dread it with the same intensity.........YES - You guessed--- TAX DAY! ACK! I haven't even started! I must go bury myself up to my neck in paperwork and receipts and adding machine paper. I must hear myself promise for the umpteenth time how I will never ever ever wait until the last minute. I will also hear myself promise to keep things organized and neat and how I will NEVER let my desk get messy again. I will really mean it too!!! If you don't hear from me, please send a cookie or two. I will be the one with the frazzled crazy hair surrounded by reams and reams of paper. I hope to make it out alive!!! Good luck to us all!

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