Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh the JOY....and MORE JOY :)

I know I have told you how wonderful Mr. Yesteryear Acres is with our doggies and puppies. He really is a furry family member's bestest friend but in addition he is also MY bestest friend. Last night he totally fixed the sorrowful part of my tax day. He had Simon Baker waiting for us in the living room. I mean that is pretty good right? And to make the evening even more complete, he had ICE CREAM ready for us as well. Mr. Yesteryear Acres found the most delectable delicious mouth watering fantastic ice cream flavor EVER...Haagan Dazs Amaretto Almond Crunch. mmmmm. "Limited Edition Seductively Smooth Amaretto Ice Cream blended with Crispy Almond Brittle" It was soooo good. We both ate an entire pint.......each. :) After Simon Baker, aka The Mentalist, dazzled us with his mad reasoning skills, we watched The Amazing Race and now I am completely caught up with my shows that I have missed. HAPPINESS! So how in the world could Mr. Yesteryear Acres top that wonderful evening? Well today he added to the joyful part of my being and surprised me with a picnic! He had everything all ready in our red picnic basket along with fishing poles and off we went to our pond for the morning. The doggies had so much fun romping around the pond and we had a fantastic yummy lunch and then spent a few hours fishing together. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is quite the fisherman and of course caught the first fish .... but ... as the pictures prove, I caught the biggest fish! I also caught the last fish of the morning. I mean I DID catch it....even if Mr. Yesteryear Acres cast the rod, enticed the fishy, got the fishy to bite the lure and then handed me the rod to reel in the fish. It is still my fish! Even though I never ever ever ever ever actually touch the fish......ewwwww that is gross! HA HA! I am the best fisherman ever!!!!!

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