Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OH the JOY....OH the SORROW!!!

OH JOY!!!! HOORAY!!! I am amazing! I have finished alllll the taxes!!! I must be way more clever than I gave myself credit for as I am already done! And it isn't even 12:01am Friday April 16th! WOW! I feel great. I am on top of the world! My lovely husband worked extra hard yesterday and took care of the kids' doctor appointments and baseball practice and all the puppy work and doggie work AND even made extra coffee and brought it upstairs to me. I am the luckiest person ever! I whipped through that adding machine with such speed and ease. The numbers just flew out of my fingers. I am done! I am free!!! I am going to DEFINITELY start earlier next year and be prepared all year round and keep everything neat and organized. I am READY!!! Tomorrow I think I will start that exercise program and get outside in the beautiful sunny spring air and walk and sing and dance my way into fitness! HELLO BEAUTIFUL WORLD! I AM YOURS!! .....................
OH SORROW! MISERY!!! I am done. I have finished alllllllll the taxes!!!! Unfortunately I am smarter than I thought and I finished the taxes one whole day earlier. It isn't even 12:01am Friday April 16th and I have already signed away my savings and sent it off to the IRS. THE IRS. See that? Put those two words spells THEIRS! My lovely husband got to do all the fun stuff yesterday and I was STUCK upstairs drowning in ribbons of adding machine tape. I even got some stuck to my clothes. I have blisters on the tips of my fingers from working the adding machine for hours and hours. I think I have ink in my hair. I am in NO WAY going to start earlier next year!!! Why should one be miserable in MARCH??!! That is the craziest idea ever! I am going to wait until the very last possible moment that will ensure I am on time yet NOT early. Good-bye dear money. Good-bye new shoes, cute dress, darling little headband. *sniff sniff* I never even knew you, but I am sure that I would have loved you! Tomorrow I am going to get out a pint of Haagan Daz Swiss Vanilla Almond Ice cream and eat the entire pint. YES! I will eat my ice cream while I watched my missed episodes of the "Amazing Race" and "Survivor"! Maybe the puppies will join me and I will stay in my big comfy never make me feel fat pajamas all day! HELLO BEAUTIFUL LIVING ROOM!!!!! I AM YOURS!!!! :)

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