Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Falter, Falter and then evidently Falter some more

I must confess. I may or may not have slightly faltered in my self-imposed exile isolation. Now certainly you are all thinking that YES Renee DID falter or else why would she be on here writing when clearly she is supposed to be upstairs locked away with no sunlight or music or facebook or entertainment of any kind. Well this is what happened. I was being EVER so good last night and actually FINISHED my daughter's taxes! WOW! Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I almost can hear a parade being organized in my honor! I did Federal and State Taxes in their entire completion! Okay - so maybe my daughter has just one W-2 and maybe she only needs the EZ form and maybe in its entirety it takes approximately 22 minutes to complete BUT I DID do them! So then what lay before me was MY taxes. And NO EZ form. And itemized deductions and lots and lots and lots of adding machine tape. It was then that I heard someone calling me from downstairs! OH yes. An URGENT call that must be answered! Who was it??? Well it was Mr. Wild Cherry Gummi Bear calling me!!! You see he and his friends really wanted me to come downstairs because what goes better with taxes than some delicious gummi bears??? And then while I was downstairs getting some much needed nutritional reinforcements........Simon Baker called me! I mean he was calling me VERY LOUDLY and just wanted me to watch one tiny small short fast quick infinitesimal episode of The Mentalist. Simon told me that it was for my MENTAL health - so how could I deny him? Well after the most excellent episode it was clearly too late to go back upstairs so obviously I would start FIRST THING THIS MORNING. Which brings us clearly to this point where I am writing my blog and that clearly means I am not upstairs BUT you see I had an amazing facebook message waiting for me this morning!!!! I have a goldendoodle breeder friend that I only see ONCE a year. We send cute little facebook messages back and forth - but we only spend any real time at a breeder's seminar one weekend a year. Well this lovely and awesome and SO sweet friend of mine found some SALSA VERDE DORITOS!!! She remembered from LAST October that I LOVE THEM. That they are my favorite chip in the entire world. Salsa Verde Doritos are NOWHERE to be found anywhere east of the Mississippi River and I have been looking for them everywhere. Well she found some and is SENDING THEM TO ME!!!! I mean that is some awesome fabulous amazing news!!! I am so excited I can't even sit still with the anticipation of eating my delectable Salsa Verde chips! Happiness is falling all around me!!!!! And what kind of friend would I be if I didn't share my extreme gratitude??? So I obviously had to write to her and profusely express my gratitude. And then of course once I was on Facebook I had to make a move in my scrabble game because what kind of friend would I be if I left my very good friend hanging and waiting for me to make my move?? I play a move or two every single day with another labradoodle/goldendoodle breeder friend and I know she is sitting at her computer right now anxiously awaiting my triple word score, 7 letter word: FUMBLER (heh heh heh) to make her day! And then since I was already on my computer I HAD to check my email. And this is what brought me back to the reality that lies ahead. I got a very nice email from someone who is getting a puppy next weekend and she wrote "Enjoying Your Taxes????" NOOOOOOOOO! People are checking up on me!!! I am now really really really going to go upstairs right now and GO DO MY TAXES.
Right now.
I will just make one quick trip to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee....any maybe a bagel....with cream cheese....mmmmm

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