Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Killer Potato!!!

I am almost embarrassed to tell you about my serious thumb injury. For one thing, it is barely believable and for another - well it is not cool, awesome, thrilling, daring or have any WOW factor whatsoever. It might just well be the most embarrassing unbelievable pathetic injury story you shall ever hear. First let me start by saying I love vegetables. I love them. My husband loves them. My kids love them. We love beets, broccoli, edamame, spinach, sugar snap peas, eggplant, artichokes, asparagus, you name it. We eat 3-4 vegetarian meals a week. We are true vegetable lovers! Up until now, I thought vegetables were a lovely food. Nice and sweet, calm and caring. Who can be mad at a vegetable??? Well let me tell you POTATOES ARE NOT NICE! They are down right DANGEROUS! I know, I know - you are all thinking HOW can a potato be vicious? Well I am living proof that they are! My story begins so innocently as I was peeling potatoes for dinner. I can tell you that in the past I have had some "near- misses" with the peeler. I have donated significant portions of a fingernail now and then to the peeling piles. I have perhaps lost several layers of epidermis whilst peeling vegetables on several occasions. This of course can never be blamed on the vegetable itself as it is clearly operator error so NO I did not injure my thumb with the peeler. That would hardly be blog worthy as I have peeler run-ins quite often. No - this story is much more devious than that. After finishing peeling the potatoes I began to chop them. AHA! Right now you have to be thinking that I foolishly chopped my thumb with the knife - and again I must tell you that I could never blame a vegetable for my lack of knife skills. I perhaps could admit to almost decapitating my thumb once while battling a round of brie cheese - but that is another story (for the record - the cheese won). But alas...No, the knife was not to blame....it was THE POTATO!!!! Here is what happened - I was slicing a potato with a knife and I clearly had a good grip on the potato with my left hand and chopping the potato with my right hand when ALL OF THE SUDDEN - the potato moved! Yes the potato tried to LEAP from the chopping block and escape its inevitable doom. As my left hand slid forward trying to stop the slippery beast, IT BIT ME! Yes the potato BIT ME. My thumb SLID INTO the potato. Right into the meat of the potato and a piece of potato BROKE OFF and slid in between my thumb nail and my nail bed almost down to the bottom of my cuticle! Seriously! I had an evil potato WEDGED into my thumb. At first I thought I chopped my thumb with the knife - which although painful- is a cool story, but NO - the potato did it ALL BY ITSELF! How is that cool? "Hey Renee, How did you hurt your thumb?" Can you see the problem here? I have to say - a potato got stuck under my thumb nail. How pathetic is that? And you know the worst part? OH MY GOODNESS IT REALLY HURTS!!!! I had to dig the potato out and my thumb is soooo sore. I think part of the potato got stuck in there and last night I soaked my thumb and irrigated under my nail and ACK!!!!!!!!!!! THE PAIN! You can ask anyone who knows me, I actually have a pretty high pain tolerance (I am not sure but it could be from years of sparring with brie cheese) and my thumb HURTS! It kept me up all night! I now have it wrapped up in lime green cohesive wrap and I cannot touch ANYTHING with my thumb. It is completely useless. I would go to the doctor but honestly how can I fill out the medical form? "Describe Injury"........."UM Um...I was attacked by a killer potato!" I just can't do it! Well, I guess I better go and start thinking of what to make for dinner. I can tell you one thing... evil torturous lethal potatoes are definitely NOT on the menu!!!

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