Thursday, April 22, 2010


Before I start today's post I want to give a big THUMBS UP to my daughter Amelia for pointing out my grievous error in Tuesday's Post "Chow Call". After she read my blog she noticed I had only said that Moms/Wives would be happy if we were all grateful at every meal. She said what about Dads and Husbands that cook? Wouldn't they be happy as well? The answer of course is YES - so to all those great husbands/Dads that make fantastic dinners (Mr. Yesteryear Acres is definitely one of them!!!) Here is to you and your yummy meals! We are most grateful indeed. (ps...Amelia you are awesome for noticing that mistake!)
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That is most certainly the sound you would hear this week if my dogs spoke Sheep Language. Why you ask? Well because this week starts the annual Spring "Cleaning" aka Grooming of all our doodles and poodles. Each spring our doggies get a good buzzing from our most awesome groomer. Over the winter our poodles grow a fantastic blanket to keep them so warm and toasty during the cold months and by the spring our doggies start to resemble woolly mammoths rather than doggies. They are totally adorable and cute that way - but really it is just too much coat so it is time to say so long to of all that hair. Out come the clippers and one by one each doggie makes a trip to the groomers for the delightful fresh spring look. This year they are sporting the oh so fashionable "Where did my Hair Go" look that is so hot on the runways right now. It is SO funny to watch them come back from the trip to the groomers. First - they are almost half the size they were when they left. Second they feel like they are SO CHIC and SO HOT that they immediately strut their stuff as if they are on the runway during New York's Fashion Week. They make a turn here and there. They are sure to give us a good profile shot. They prance about as if they own the runway. The other dogs are always so impressed. I am never ceased to be amazed that all the dogs know exactly who is coming back even though the dogs look NOTHING like they did when they left. Our dogs never look at each other and ask "Who IS that?" They just know. The dogs start showing their immediate approval for the great new looks. You can almost hear them say " look MAHVELOUS! I LOVE what you have done with your hair!!!" And of course Gigi responds with "Oh this look - I just threw it together. Glad you like it" *prance prance prance* It is quite the talk of the "town" around here all week long.
The dogs all enjoy their new looks and their coats continue to grow back through the summer. Scheduling the big shave down in the spring is the best time of the year to do it because the dogs actually need some insulation during the summer months. Many people think it is better to shave down your doggie during the summer but that is not true. The coat acts as an insulator and helps keep your doggie cooler in the heat. It also provides SPF protection from the sun. Doggies can sunburn just like people do, so you definitely want some hair to keep them protected from the sun's rays. All our dogs go back for a quick hair trim in the fall so that they have nice healthy long warm coats for the winter. So here is to a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAutiful day!!!!!! :)

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