Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girl Time

Today was a really good day. I got up early and quietly worked while my younger daughter slept in . My older daughter is not allowed to leave the Naval Academy grounds until noon on Saturdays so to kill time I went shopping at the Sam's Club here in Annapolis. It is fun to compare the items they carry from those at home. Here you can find a plentiful selection of crab seasoned potato chips, clam chowder, beach items and boating accessories. If you are ever looking for some water based equipment, Sam's in Annapolis is sure to carry it. They also carry the kind of chips my kids like in their lunches so I stocked up on chips along with pinenuts (we have a shortage at home), Icy Hot Patches and soup. I think my cart looked kind of odd as it only had those items and lots of them. I am thinking the check out lady thinks I REALLY love Soup and Chips! I then headed off to the Naval Academy and picked up my older daughter. My two daughters and I spent a relaxing afternoon together and got to catch up on everything we have been missing. We had some much needed girl time and it was so nice just to be together for the day. Tonight USNA is hosting the International Ball so both my daughters were very busy getting ready for that. They did each other's hair and make-up and got all dressed up in their ball gowns for the big event. It was a rare and most treasured event for me to see my two daughters together at the same time. Every time they smiled, my heart smiled right along with them. They laughed all afternoon and by this evening, looked absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful to have spent the day with my two girls and I totally enjoyed watching how much fun they had together. The sisterly bond between them continues to grow stronger with each passing year and I know they treasured their day together as much as I did. Tomorrow sadly, I leave for home and have to say good-bye to my daughter. I think this time it will be as hard for me as it will be for my two girls. I know the three of us will be counting the long days ahead until we are all together again.

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  1. Loved this post. Can't wait to see the photos from the I-Ball.



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