Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopping outing

As summer is quickly approaching, thoughts of getting into summer clothes, skirts, shorts, sundresses and *GASP* bathing suits are starting to enter my mind. I am pretty darn sure that I must start the exercise program that I thought of last month. Really. I need to start that VERY VERY soon! I am also busy thinking about the many plans that summer will bring. My younger daughter is hoping to get accepted into the AIM summer program at the United States Coast Guard Academy. AIM is a week long program designed to give prospective students a peek into living the life of a cadet. One of the major components of "boot camp" is running, running, running and then ....running some more. My daughter is capable of swimming for miles. If the Coast Guard Academy made their cadets wake up at the crack of dawn and swim 5 miles in the rain or sleet or even in high seas with riptides swirling around - she would be game. She wouldn't even complain. She can swim and swim for days. Now running. Wellllll.... let's just say, it is not her favorite activity. I think she gets that from me. I can't think of anything less pleasant. Really. But run, run, run, she must, so my daughter and I headed off to the mall in search of a great running shoe. We actually were quite lucky and found some awesome new shoes rather quickly in our shopping expedition. I even found a pair of walking sandals that are super comfortable. I called Mr. Yesteryear Acres within an hour of arriving at the mall to let him know we already found the shoes! Silly Mr. Yesteryear Acres said, "So you are on the way home?!" What could he possibly be thinking? I said we had only been shopping for less than an HOUR! Silly man! Who stops shopping that quickly?! LOL. So the rest of the day we tried on new things and window shopped and had fun walking the mall. We actually didn't buy much else as we were excited about our new shoes but we did make a day of it! We even got home in time to make a delightful dinner. I made slow cooked pork and fresh asparagus and my daughter made homemade mashed potatoes to go with the pork. Everything was delicious and I am pretty sure that meal made the boys forget alllllll about the fact we were gone all day long while they toiled away caring for puppies and doggies and getting stuck with housework. Well....almost. I think we better add some ice cream for dessert just to make sure :)


  1. I hope your daughter gets accepted to the AIM program. I have also applied to AIM and was just looking for some more information and happened to find your blog. You can tell her that she is not the only one who doesn't enjoy running. I have run cross country for 3 years now, mainly to stay in shape for other sports, but It is most certainly not one of my favorite activities.

  2. Thank you so much! That will mean a lot to my daughter. Please let me know if you get in! I will be rooting for you!


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