Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chef's Perfection

I have made 18 of the most perfectly cooked eggs you have ever seen. The egg yolks are bright sunny yellow and the whites are as pure white as fresh fallen snow. The shells can be peeled off with ease and nary a pockmark or blemish can be found on the freshly peeled eggs. If Julia Childs herself were to come to my house and examine my eggs she would surely give me top marks. Yes, I have made 18 perfect eggs.... 18 perfect SOFT boiled eggs. And therin lies the problem. These are Easter eggs. Nicely decorated bright colored HARD boiled Easter eggs or so I thought. I peeled my beauties only to discover that inside did not lie a nice hard yolk but rather a yellow molten lava type liquid. Sadly, there will be no traditional easter egg salad this year. No eggs for lunch. No chef's salad for dinner. No egg salad wraps. No Deviled Eggs. Sooooooo, this year we start a new tradition - Easter Egg Feast for the puppies and doggies! From the look on their faces, this was the best Easter ever! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!

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