Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh my goodness I am sooooo frustrated right now. I have been on the phone for over an hour with NO END IN SIGHT. I am actually writing today's blog while I am on hold. I do not like the "Please Continue To Hold" music. I do not find it soothing or entertaining or delightful in any way. I am watching my entire afternoon slip away whilst I listen to jazzy music and advertisements for me to continue being a loyal customer. I am so not happy. Today my mail carrier brought me a bill that was TOTALLY wrong. I mean REALLY REALLY wrong. I was overcharged by an astonishing amount and have spent my entire afternoon trying to get things fixed. Why is it when a company clearly makes an error, the customer is the one that HAS to continue to stay on hold to get things rectified? Why can't the customer service people go ahead and have a meeting, click endlessly on their computer keyboard, get their cup of coffee, have a nice chat with their colleague, talk to their supervisors AND THEN CALL you back when they get it fixed??? Wouldn't that be nicer? How is it helpful for me to stay on hold ALL day? What is it that I am bringing to the table in order to resolve this issue by listening to "Please Continue to Hold" music? Wouldn't it be nice if they said something like "Oh my goodness, that is awful. What an oversight on our part. Why don't you go and get on with your day while we fix this for you?" I mean I would totally be a happy customer then. Right now all I can think about is how I wish I was NOT their customer. I have been disconnected TWICE already!!! Grrrr. So I am trying very hard to think happy thoughts. I am trying to remove my brain from the constant barrage of advertisements and music blaring in my ear and go somewhere happy with my thoughts. Let's seeeeee...I love the ocean. Ahhh the ocean is so relaxing. I love all the colors it can be from a seagreen to a deep indigo ink blue. I think my favorite color is the raspberry blue color of the ocean. It is just so vibrant it is hard to not be utterly and completely amazed by its brilliant display of beauty. I love being on a boat in the middle of the ocean as much as I love walking along the seashore. As each wave comes ashore, I imagine all my worries and stress going into that wave and then being swept out to sea. I feel completely at peace and happy. I think it is good to visualize peace and serenity and have something really lovely to capture in your mind when times get tough. It is nice to have a special place you can visit - maybe a favorite vacation spot, or a really good moment in your life or some smell or thought or person that just makes you feel at peace. It is like taking a mini-holiday inside your thoughts. So next time you find yourself completely stressed and overwhelmed and frustrated, take a moment. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think about the sound of the waves crashing on shore or the birds singing their beautiful spring songs or how beautiful a field of hay looks as the wind ripples through the long blades of grass and just relax. After all - being very mad at the person on the other end of the phone won't really change the course of events so you might as well try to think of something better. Today I can be grateful that I remembered to step away from my frustration and instead focused on writing my blog. It is a much happier way to spend my time. I can also start thinking about how gosh darn happy I will be as soon as I hang up from this never ending phone call!!!! I already know for sure I will have an excellent evening, because honestly - even cleaning puppy poop is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than "please continue to hold!"

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