Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chow Call!

Today we had a visit from one of our puppies we sold earlier this year. He was still the same adorable sweet gentle bear of a puppy that he was when he lived here – just in a larger package. It was so fun to see him again. I am pretty darn sure he remembered me because he definitely gave me the “I love you look” and was just so loveable. He absolutely remembered Mr. Yesteryear Acres and saved his bestest kisses for him. We had a nice reunion and it just made the whole day start off with a lot of good feelings and smiles. To keep the whole happy day going strong, this afternoon we started some of our younger puppies on solid food. This is always a hysterical thing to observe. First we separate the puppies from mommy for a few hours so that the puppies develop a nice healthy appetite. The puppies are quite vocal about this separation and do a lot of questioning….”MOMMMMMMMMMMMY????? Mommy? MOMMY!? I WANT MY MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!” Then we swoop in with a wonderful concoction of yogurt and canned food and softened puppy food in a lovely mushy soupy glop. When they first see the bowl, they have absolutely no idea what to do. They look at us and say “WHAT IS THIS STUFF???? WHERE IS MOMMY?!?” Then we gently put each puppy’s mouth into the food and wait for them to take a little lick. Well that sets off the sensors in their brains and all of the sudden we humans are amazing!!! We bring delicious gourmet wonders in addition to hugs and kisses! Tails start wagging and once a few start eating, the others join in quite quickly. Once they get their fill we bring Mommy back in and well I don’t need to tell you how happy she is! Mmmmmm she gets to finish off our delightful slop and then gets to lick all of her puppy faces clean. There is a lot of happiness going on right there. Tomorrow we do it all again and by this weekend they will be awake bright and early just waiting for their breakfast with deep excitement and anticipation. It doesn't take long for puppies to learn that humans are pretty awesome chefs and there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy. Eventually the puppies get switched over to plain dry puppy food, but the excitement and anticipation over their meals stays exactly the same. Wouldn't it be great if at EVERY meal – even if the menu never ever ever changed – we humans were as grateful and as excited? I think I speak for all moms and/or wives everywhere when I say the answer is most definitely YES!!!!

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