Friday, April 23, 2010

The World's Most Perfect Food

This morning as I was going through the ever so pressing, important, urgent, and essential updates on Facebook, I noticed that one of my dear friends posted that she thought Oatmeal was the world’s most perfect food. She actually said that. Oatmeal? World’s Most PERFECT food? How can this be? I mean how can a food that if left in a bowl for longer than 5 minutes will actually turn into a solid glue-like state be a perfect food? It is kind of brown and gunky and clings to your spoon and if you take too big of a bite, it is literally impossible to swallow. I, of course, had to immediately respond to the posting to let her know she was WRONG. That’s what friends are for right? I gave her some excellent alternatives. What about the very first freshly picked right from your own garden BEAUTIFUL RED RIPE TOMATO? What tastes better than the very first tomato of the season? It is like heaven on your tongue. The anticipation of waiting for it to ripen to just the right color red, coupled with the satisfaction and richness and fullness of the tomato flavor just can’t be beat. What about fresh picked strawberries? You know, the ones that are just the right size and fit perfectly in your mouth and you can crush the entire berry with your tongue and it fills your senses with sweet strawberry goodness. Now that could be considered perfect. I think freshly made pasta topped with fresh tomato sauce with a hint of garlic or perhaps topped with fresh picked asparagus, sundried tomatoes and pinenuts is more than perfect. What about a Sundae? No wait – make that a Turtle Sundae. No wait -make that a Turtle Sundae with homemade freshly churned vanilla bean ice cream with vanilla beans flown fresh to your house from Madagascar made with real heavy whipping cream smothered in homemade milk chocolate fudge and caramel butterscotch fudge and topped with caramelized pecans, a mountain of fresh homemade whipped cream and a cherry on top. Is there anyone out there that still wants to rank OATMEAL as the world’s most perfect food? Just in the time it took me to write this blog, there seems to be a “TEAM OATMEAL” forming on facebook! They have created their own FAN page for OATMEAL! I mean come on! This has to be stopped! Submit your own entries. Email me. Comment on my Blog. Send a note on my facebook page  OATMEAL…you are going down!!!!! (But please…whatever you do, do NOT ask Mr. Yesteryear Acres. He read my blog and said “What’s wrong with oatmeal?” ACKKKKKKKKKKKK!)


  1. I think there is nothing better in this world than a beautiful ripe tomato picked fresh from the garden! While I agree with the fact that oatmeal is very healthy for you, NOTHING tastes better than a tomato on bread with a little Miracle Whip!! YUM! Can't wait for them to come in season!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! : )
    By the way, I am a proud grandparent to a beautiful GoldenDoodle named Norman. He lives in Boston with my daughter and her husband and is about to get a (human)little brother. Any tips for helping him adapt to the new "sibling"?

  2. OH YES! How in the world could I have forgotten Miracle Whip Tomato Sandwiches on squishy white bread!!!! I eat one for lunch every single day of the summer!!! That is absolutely the World's Most Perfect food!!!


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