Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Yesterday in the midst of doing 100 things at once my husband called me and asked me to come outside to see the flowers on our magnolia tree. I politely told him that I had already seen them and I was trying to get dinner on and I had emails to answer and laundry to fold. Well Mr. Yesteryear Acres was not going to take no for an answer and said I REALLY needed to come outside because it was so beautiful and everything was in bloom and the temperature was just perfect. He told me to bring the camera as I positively couldn't miss it. I actually grumbled a bit and reluctantly agreed to go outside. WOW! It WAS really nice outside! I have been so busy I have forgotten to take the time to appreciate the symphony of colors that Mother Nature provides this time of year. Our magnolia tree is in full bloom and smells SO good. The red bud tree has purple flowers, our cherry tree is full of beautiful blossoms and our daffodils and tulips never looked prettier. We took the puppies outside so they could romp around and my daughter and I started taking photos of all the spring beauties. My son brought his ball and glove outside and soon a baseball party was in full swing. We all had just the best time and it was so nice to stop rushing around and simply enjoy the wonders of springtime. So go ahead and take a break. Stop and smell the roses! You just might find they smell sweeter than you remember and look more glorious when you just take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty that is waiting just outside your door.

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