Monday, April 12, 2010

Self-Imposed Exile

And so the time has come for me to lock myself up and not let myself out until Early Friday morning at approximately 12:01am April 16th. I gave myself one last day to play outside in the lovely spring air with my sweet puppies. I took lots of adorable pictures and posted them all on my website and added a cute puppy photo to this blog. I looked at all the new status updates and perused the new uploaded photos on Facebook of the I-Ball weekend at the Naval Academy. I also put some lovely pictures on Facebook of the weekend. That might SEEM like procrastination, but I assure you it was most necessary :) I also went through all my mail and bills and have mentally prepared myself for what lies ahead. I am hopeful that all this will hold me over until I return from exile. Yes, I am wishing I had listened to myself and actually paid attention to the calendar in March where it said "RENEE DO YOUR TAXES NOW!!" But alas, I just kept saying that I would start the taxes tomorrow and then tomorrow came and went and the next day and the next and the next and now it is almost TAX day and I have run out of tomorrows!!! So farewell my dear readers. Farewell beautiful sunshine. Farewell living room, dining room and kitchen. Farewell NCIS. Farewell Survivor. (Again - all these Farewells are in NO way me procrastinating!!) Farewell House, Amazing Race and The Mentalist. Farewell family! I will miss you all very much. *sniff sniff* I hopefully shall emerge on the 16th with MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and will proudly proclaim that next year "I SHALL NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!!!"

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