Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leaving at O'Dark Thirty

Tomorrow is the big day and I am heading east with my daughter to Connecticut.  We are taking 3 puppies with us and bringing them to their families along the way. That will save them at least a full day of driving.  The puppy mobile is back in business!!!!  Today has been a whirlwind of activity trying to get everything ready for our departure. I had to run tons of errands today and for some reason, I was always in the slow lane. I picked the wrong cashier at the pharmacy, I picked the shortest line at the grocery store only to be behind someone who needed to exchange her sugar for a different kind of sugar and question which 2 for $5.00 items she qualified for and which she didn't. She ended up asking to put things back and get different items. GRRR! I picked the slow lane at the bank too!  What gives?  Didn't everyone in line know I was in a super busy hurry?  I also had to drive out of town today to take my daughter to a swim meet.  She had an evening meet which really put the pressure on to get things done.  It is now almost 10:30 I just finished making S'more Bars for our car trip.  I have a few other things to whip up quickly before I go to bed. I also have a bit of packing left to do and I need to load the car tonight.  Tomorrow morning or rather tomorrow WAY before morning time, Mr. Yesteryear Acres is getting up with me to make me fresh coffee for the road. Awwwwww. He is the best!  He is also going to run the puppies around outside so they can all go to the bathroom before getting in the puppy mobile.  Our sweet little chocolate boy that we donated to the family with the special needs child gets to meet his new mommy tomorrow. She is so excited!  The other 2 families are excited too so that will definitely be a fun pit stop!  My daughter and I are ready with an awesome music playlist and a couple of cheesy summertime books on tape.  Let the road trip begin!!!! Coast Guard we come!

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