Friday, August 6, 2010

10:01 pm

It is 10:01pm and we just returned from back at the pond.  The ladder finally was finished around 9:15pm tonight and all 3 kids celebrated by running off the end of the dock in a great cannonball run.  The ladder got excellent use this evening! We are all whipped tired and still haven't had dinner yet and we have to empty the trailer before we eat.  We worked all day long with no breaks.  My son weed wacked the area around the pond and fence line for over 4 hours straight.  My younger daughter raked out all the grass and clippings out of the pond and along with my son's help got everything hauled out and dumped.  My older daughter helped Mr. Yesteryear Acres all day long and probably knows more about power tools than she ever thought possible.  Tomorrow is more of the same until late afternoon when the big party starts.  We will have to get up extra early to make sure we get everything done.  The pond area looks amazing and we are all so proud of the work we got done.  I am planning on taking tons of pictures of the finished project.  Everyone did a great job and worked super hard.  I am so excited for Mr. Yesteryear Acres Big Birthday party. We are having a mini State Fair theme complete with corn dogs, cotton candy, roasted corn and a watermelon eating contest.  We are also having a pie baking contest with who else but Mr. Yesteryear Acres as the judge. That along with some good ole fashioned fishing with cane poles should complete the fun. The weather looks awesome so everyone - kids, adults, puppies and doodle doggies should all have a great time.

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