Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Hiatus from Veggies

Today I did not process one single vegetable.  Not one. I didn't even slice a tomato or cucumber or snap one solitary green bean today. I know I have LOADS to do still but I declared today VEGETABLE FREE day. I did other exciting things today - like....LAUNDRY! Oooooh ahhhh!  And DISHES!  And everyone's favorite.... PUPPY POOP!!! Oh yes, I also took my son to cross country practice, picked him up, cleaned the refrigerator, answered emails and cleaned my computer.  Isn't that exciting?  And by clean my computer - I mean I actually CLEANED my computer.  I took a can of pressurized air and blew out all the vents and keyboard keys.  I cleaned the monitor and cleaned all of my keyboard keys. I lead an exciting life don't I?  I am sure I will pay the price tomorrow as I have about 2 wheelbarrow loads of beets to process and I haven't even begun the tomatoes yet. Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks we have about 3 trailer full loads of tomatoes to pick. I predict that I will have the most wrinkly crinkly fingers on the planet by the end of Labor Day weekend. I will be boiling water and peeling tomatoes for hours.  I know it will all be worth it in the end but I have to say the massive workload that lies in front of me is intimidating.  I will just have to put one tomato in front of the other and get it all done. The most essential part of my tomato fest isn't the 104+ glass quart jars that I have to carry up from the basement and then wash and sterilize them.  It isn't the metal rings, funnels, lid magnet, canning racks or canning pots. It isn't even my favorite and bestest tomato knife.  No - the most essential part of tomato fest 2010 is....which movies shall I select to keep me company whilst I peel tomatoes for hours on end? This is a serious question! I mean it can't be such a GREAT movie that I find myself turning away from the sink with a sharp tomato knife in my hand and then absent mindedly cut off one of my fingers.  I mean with all that tomato junk in the sink - it would be hours before I realized I was bleeding! It also cannot be so boring that instead of focusing on the plotline - I am counting the exact number of tomatoes that I have peeled thus far.  That can be depressing! It has to be somewhere right in the middle.  So exciting that I ALMOST forget the fact that I have been standing in front of a sink for days, peeling sink full after sink full of tomatoes but not SO exciting that I leave the sink and sit in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn. See?  It is a tough decision.  It could never be anything as fantastic as something starring George Clooney or Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe.  My back is turned AWAY from the TV.....I cannot SEE them.  That would be torturous.  I am going to really have to think long and hard to figure out just who will be joining me for Tomato Fest 2010. Perhaps I should pick Hugh Grant.  Just listening to his cute British accent should be excellent company.  Have you ever seen him as the Prime Minister of Britain in Love Actually?  Brilliant! Yes - I think Hugh will be just the man for the job. He is perfect.

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