Thursday, August 5, 2010


Try as we may - we just can't beat the Mother Nature.  I think she has an idea that we really really LOVE lots and lots and lots of rain. Perhaps she doesn't want a ladder to actually become part of the dock. Alas, once again, we have been defeated by the weather and the ladder is still not installed.  Argh! Maybe tomorrow will be the day the dock is finally finished! We do have high hopes as the weather looks like it will finally take a turn for the better.  The kids made the most of the day and had fun this afternoon running off the dock and jumping/diving into the water. Getting out of the pond was of course particularly challenging but hey - who doesn't love getting covered in mud on the way out?  Just one more reason to jump back in!  I have decided that I won't be joining any one in the diving competition until the ladder is in place.  The thought of sinking in mud whilst trying to exit the pond for some reason holds absolutely no appeal for me. Go figure! Along with the ladder installation we have the busiest day planned for tomorrow.  We will be working non-stop from early morning until way past dark.  We have some new beautiful lavender plants and black-eyed susan flowers to plant around the dock and steps to put in. We have to mow all around the pond and we need to get some party supplies because SATURDAY is Mr. Yesteryear Acres big party day.  We are going to celebrate his 50th birthday with family and some close friends out by the pond.  We are trying to get everything BEAUTIFUL for his big celebration day. Our list is a mile long and if we get everything crossed off it would be a miracle. We are going to give it our best! Mr. Yesteryear Acres definitely deserves an awesome day so we are all working really hard to make things extra special for him.  So far - the dock is pretty much done so that is a BIG item off the list. Hopefully we will make some major progress on the rest of the list tomorrow and will be ready for Saturday. I must remember to set the alarm clock for sunrise! It is going to be a busy day!

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