Monday, August 2, 2010

Sooooo close!

The sun was BLAZING hot today and the sweat bees were totally relentless but through it all the dock work continued. Board after board after board got nailed to the base.  It is looking SO good now!!! It DEFINITELY doesn't look the same and has really changed the look of the entire pond.  The dock is really wide and nice and long. I am sooo in love with it. My hard working dock builders have done a fantastic job.  We are down to just ONE MORE board on the top and the top will be finished!  Tomorrow Mr. Yesteryear Acres will put on the side trim work and then the final piece...the ladder! I can't believe it.  An actual project finished.  It is a miracle!  I am planning on taking a ton of pictures tomorrow. I am super excited.  While the dock work progressed, my younger daughter and I took care of all the puppies and took new pictures for the website. Our double doodle babies are getting a little bit bigger now and are nice plump little cuties.  Scarlet is a great mommy and she makes our job really easy. We also worked with the older pups and did some more housebreaking training and leash work.  Along with that we took excellent care of the dock workers.  We made a delicious lunch of grilled chicken wraps - with sliced marinated chicken and fresh picked thinly sliced cucumbers and then for a late day snack we made homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It was most appreciated by the dock builders!  This evening, we picked some fresh zucchini, 2 onions and a few precious tomatoes for our dinner and then roasted them with a bit of fresh lemon.  We then added some fresh cooked shell pasta and voila!  Dinner at the pond was served.  The dock wasn't quite finished enough to eat dinner on the dock but we are so close!  Dinner by the dock on Dock Day #4 was delicious. As long as Mother Nature cooperates...tomorrow we just might finish!

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