Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 23rd Anniversary

Today marks 23 years that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have been happily married. And when I say happily - I really mean it. The day I married Mr. Yesteryear Acres was the happiest day of my life and from the moment I said "I Do" and every moment since, it truly has been Happily Ever After. Of course we have little arguments here and there and have days where I am sure we completely annoy each other, but we have never had a huge fight.  We have never had a disagreement that couldn't be met somewhere in the middle to solve.  We have never been on opposite sides of an important issue and have never once disagreed in how to raise our children. We have never had one single day in 23 years of marriage where we didn't love each other to the depths of our souls. When I met Mr. Yesteryear Acres at the young age of 18, I knew right then and there, I found my forever best friend, best companion, best confidante for life. It really was love at first sight and the best part about that that moment it was love at first sight for Mr. Yesteryear Acres too. Last night we took a break to celebrate our happiness with Mr. Yesteryear Acres' mom and dad. They brought the most delicious steaks for dinner and we had fresh picked sweet corn from the garden. The corn literally went from the garden right into the pot. My father and mother-in-law will be celebrating their wedding anniversary in 3 more days.  They have been married for 59 years!  How about that! Isn't that just the nicest thing to think about people who love each other all the days of their lives? I know without a doubt that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I will follow in their footsteps and have so many many many more happy anniversaries. True love does still exist. I am surrounded by it every day. Happy Anniversary Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  I love you more than I did yesterday and no where near how much I will love you tomorrow.

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