Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tangible Love

Love is most often thought of as a feeling. An intangible energy of goodness and warm happiness.  Something you feel so deeply that it completely fills your soul. It is an eternal light that guides your way each and every day. You can love other people. You can love food. You can love traveling, reading, swimming, animals, sunshine, palm trees, mountains, beaches, picnics, shooting stars, sand castles and snowmen.  The number of things you can love is infinite.  Life is full of so many good things to love and if you are lucky, your love will be returned to you again and again. Love isn't often thought of as tangible but I assure you it is possible to touch, hold and carry true love right in your hands. Today that is what I did. I had true love right in my hands and it made my heart smile.  While I was busy working away trying to get a million things done, my daughter was secretly cooking up some love right in my kitchen. She made Mr. Yesteryear Acres a fresh homemade apple pie with the apples she picked from the orchard. Anyone that knows Mr. Yesteryear Acres or Mr. Yesteryear Acres' dad knows that apple pie = true love. If you could have seen his face when he walked in the kitchen and smelled the pie baking, you would have seen what genuine complete happiness looks like. He was all smiles and that smile made me smile and our smiles made my daughter smile. The feeling must have lasted quite a while because then my daughter continued her baking project and made fresh homemade cookies. I am not a big apple pie lover but I LOVE COOKIES.  I mean I really love cookies.  I am almost always the one baking cookies and I am always happy when people enjoy eating my homebaked goodies. I know homebaked cookies make people happy but today I really felt what it was like to be on the receiving end - to be the one being given a homebaked cookie instead of the one giving the cookie.  I have to tell you - it feels wonderful.  It feels like you are so special. It feels like you could wrap your arms around yourself with a big goofy smile on your face while you say "Mmmm mmmm mmmm" just like that cartoon doggie on TV. It feels so heart warming that someone took the time out of their day to bake you something you love to eat.  And when my daughter gave me one of her delicious cookies, right then and there, I promise you, I held true love right in my hands. It was warm and smelled so good - and then you guessed it....I loved every bite. I think the next time I bake something, I will have an even bigger smile on my face than I usually do.  I know exactly how it feels to have someone make a cookie just for you.  It feels like love.

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