Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stormy Afternoon

We really got hit hard by this afternoon's thunderstorm!  There are thousands without power in our county as the storm just barreled through leaving a wide path of destruction.  It was as dark as night right smack in the middle of the afternoon. The lightening storm was quite impressive. We have a couple of trees down in our woods but other than that we escaped the worst of it.  The storm kind of put a damper on our outdoor projects so the girls and I ran to do some errands. We really had a HUGE LONG list of shopping to do at Sam's Club and we also had to go pick up some more seeds for the garden but first we started our afternoon with the most important errand of all..... a matinee! Yes, we left the boys at home and headed to the movies for a 1:30 show.  We made it just in time and really enjoyed our little break from work. We loved the movie and we were super glad we went!!!  We then headed to Sam's and filled up FOUR carts worth of food and supplies. We had a list a mile long and it took forever.  I was impressed with my older daughter's packing skills as she got every last item into our car.  We were packed to capacity! I think we are all set for a while now.  It took forever to unload and get everything put away but thankfully everyone worked together and we can cross that one off our list.  The boys are back at the pond just beginning today's work on the ladder project for the dock.  I am off to shuck corn and bring back this evening's feast.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a DRY day so we can finish our dock project. Once we get that crossed off the list....the bedroom remodel can't be too far behind!!! YES!

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