Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Green Bean Saga continues

We are up to our ears in green beans. There are just sooo many tiny sweet tender beans and it is taking us forever. I snipped beans last night until I wasn't sure what hurt more, my fingers or my back. Mr. Yesteryear Acres came to help and he got as far as "She loves me.....She loves me not" while snipping the ends of the beans before he fell asleep on the floor with the pile of beans under his head.  I set up my buckets and containers on the living room floor and snipped until I couldn't feel my legs or back any longer. I finally gave up around 12:30am and headed to bed.  I was up early this morning as I had to make a nice breakfast complete with scrambled eggs and toast for my son.  He had his first cross country meet of the season so I wanted him to have a good start to his day. I dropped him off at school and was back home by 7:30 this morning and started in once again on the beans. I set up a better system for snipping and covered my couch in sheets and set up everything on the couches. Ahhhhhh. That was a million times better than sitting on the floor.  I then turned on a good episode of NCIS and got busy.  I snipped beans until 11:15am when I headed off to my son's cross country meet.  Alas...when I returned home from the meet, the beans were still there waiting for me. I worked on them with my daughter this afternoon and we finally got all the beans snipped, cleaned, blanched and packed in quart containers. We stood in the kitchen over steaming pots of boiling water until every last bean was done. We still have more beans to pick and more that need to be put away for the winter.  There are many more hours and hours of beans in my future. I think tomorrow I should pick the beans while Mr. Yesteryear Acres does all the snipping and processing.  I mean, he got to sit outside on a beautiful summer day with the bright yellow sun shining down on him and a lovely breeze to keep him cool. The birds were singing, the deer were off in the distance and the horses were out there to keep him company. I was starting to feel a little bit sorry for myself when Mr. Yesteryear Acres shared his side of the bean saga. Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks perhaps he got the harder end of the deal with the green bean business. I of course beg to differ but nonetheless, his side of the story goes something like this.......(DISCLAIMER - Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't actually say any of this because he is too nice to ever complain BUT I am thinking he might have thought this once or twice today! LOL)..... "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pick four laundry baskets full of beans?  I am talking full size laundry baskets full to the top of green beans.  And not big ole green beans either. Noooooo, my wife likes them teeny tiny and all uniform in size with no big beans in them.  She prefers them very young and tender so that it takes about 100 beans just to get a partial covering in your basket.  Now I admit they ARE delicious that way but the amount of work is almost quadrupled in order to pick enough for the winter. I spent all day in the blazing sun with no breeze, bent over picking bean after bean, hour after hour, barely watching the level of beans in the basket rise.  My shirt rose up about 2 inches in the back as I was hunched over the plants, so now I have a lovely 2 inch sunburn across my lower back right to my jeans line.  I am walking like a man in his late 80's as I haven't been able to stand up straight for several hours. My wife, Mrs. Yesteryear Acres, has been sitting on a nice cushioned sofa on a soft sheet with her legs propped up watching TV shows.  I heard her laughing while I was desperately pouring myself a glass of ice water as I was afraid I might drop from dehydration.  I took a peek in the living room and she is set up like a princess surrounded by her green beans. All she has to do is snip off the ends.  How hard is that?  I have a permanent river of sweat running down my back as I toil out in the fields and she has Gibbs and Ziva and Abby to keep her company all day. I am thinking that tomorrow we should switch jobs!"
Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres, thank you for picking all the beans.  I will very much look forward to snipping and processing the other rows of beans that you will so lovingly pick tomorrow morning.  Gibbs and Ziva are already waiting for me.

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