Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Very Late Start - Very Good Ending

We woke up to dreary rainy skies. Everything was wet with no sign of stopping. Our early morning plans to get the dock finished were literally washed out. We quickly moved onto Plan B and worked on indoor housecleaning projects. I think in retrospect the rain was a really good thing because we got SO much done inside! Much progress was made and we got a good portion of the kitchen organized, cabinets cleaned out and the pantry all neat and tidy. My younger daughter was absolutely brilliant and worked super hard to get it all done. We were finally blessed with a break in the weather and headed back to the pond just a little after 4:30 and got to work.
This is how the dock looked this afternoon. A lot was done yesterday!

The very fun job of picking up all the wood pieces that fall into the pond.

An awesome push off from shore. This is in preparation for the hardest part of the dock building. Working on the dock from the rowboat.

Yes. Yes. You are seeing this correctly. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is chainsawing from the rowboat. The kids had to make sure the boat didn't rock at all.

Final touches from the boat.

Really looking good now!!!!

Cutest picture ever!!! He is so happy! Tomorrow we have some finishing touches and hopefully we will install the ladder onto the end of the dock, but for the most part, our dock is finished! I ended up making General Tso's chicken for dinner with some fresh beets on the side and we ate dinner out.......on....... our dock!!!! My cooking has never tasted better. It was the best dinner and the best night ever. We all sat out on the dock until the sun set and darkness fell. Happiness surrounded us all.

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