Monday, August 16, 2010


Corn, Corn, Corn and yes.....more corn! Today was CORN day!!! Mr. Yesteryear Acres was up bright and early and picked a trailer full of fresh sweet corn and so began our annual corn day.  We try to process at least 52 pints of corn so we can have delicious sweet corn every week of the year. Usually corn day falls exactly on our anniversary but this year it waited just one more day so we could spend our anniversary without being covered in kernels of corn. You can't imagine HOW sticky corn is! It gets EVERYWHERE.  All over the counter tops, cabinets, stools, shoes, legs, arms - you get the picture.  We look like walking corn cobs when we are all done! The process takes all day long and it is a massive group project to get it all finished. About half way through the day it is necessary to remind each other just how much we like sweet corn and how glad we will be when we get it all processed.
Here is the trailer ready for the husking
mmmmm sweet corn!

The husking crew

Our doggies LOVE LOVE LOVE corn day!  Nothing like fresh sweet corn for a delightful treat.  They eat it right off the cob and are SO excited. We have major corn loving doggies here!

Eloise had her fill.....she quickly found she needed a corn nap!

The counters were stacked from end to end with corn

and more corn

Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my oldest daughter and son were the designated corn strippers. They spent hours getting all the kernels off the cobs.

My younger daughter and I packed the corn into pint containers.  Our days workload....70 pints of corn!!! YEA!  We got our year's supply of corn done in one day AND finished before dark!  That is a miracle right there. We usually are still processing corn until way after midnight. Five hard workers really made a difference!  We still have lots of corn that will be ready to be picked this upcoming weekend.  Guess our corn stand will be up and running! Please pass the butter and the salt!!!! YUM!

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