Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dock Day #3

And so it continues.  The long arduous dock building project lives on for another day.  A lot of progress was made today and it is finally time for the top boards to be added.  The base is done!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres got everything set up all by himself bright and early this morning.

My older daughter helped load all the lumber onto the trailer which took a long time.  I believe that lumber loading most definitely qualifies as a workout!  The top boards started to go on late this afternoon.

It is going to look AWESOME when it is all done.  We all have big hopes that tomorrow evening we can set the picnic table on the dock and eat dinner overlooking our beautiful pond.  It might actually happen!  Tonight my younger daughter and I whipped up another fabulous picnic dinner that we ate back by the pond.  We had marinated grilled chicken breast, fresh beets with caramelized butter and a homemade redskin potato salad. The worker bees were quite pleased with our spread. We all worked hard today and of course no day would be complete without a little help from our doodles.  Here is one of our grown double doodles.  He is a big teddy bear and such a lovebug!

You can just see HOW hard he worked all day.  Tomorrow if we are super super lucky....I will have pictures of the final completion of our big project and our dock will be finished and we can cross that off our summer to-do list!

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