Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fair Fries

mmmmmmmm Fair fries!  Delicious greasy tiny skinny vinegar soaked salty fair french fries! They are the epitome of the fair experience and never to be missed. We left early this afternoon and headed to our county fair and of course the first thing on everyone's list were the Fair fries. This endeavor is not to be taken lightly.  You can not just amble up to the closest french fry vendor and buy the first fries you see. Noooooo. Even if your kids are begging you to just BUY the fries - it is an art.  A fine art actually.  The french fry stands have to be scoped out.  Some have big fat fries that are pretending to be fair fries but clearly are just ole regular fries. Some are overpriced and put in very small cups to make it appear as though there are tons of fries but in reality the cups are so tiny that the fries only appear plentiful.  You have to search and scope and wait until you find JUST the right french fry stand and THEN and only then can you get a big ole bucket of steaming hot fries that are literally pouring out over the sides. Then they must be doused in malt vinegar and covered in salt. mmmm. Perfection!!!!  Along with the bucket of french fries we also got the requisite lemon shake-up and walked and walked and walked until we covered every corner of the fair.  We saw the Black Angus cattle, mini lop bunnies, lambs, turkeys, jersey cows, baby goats, horses both big and small, vegetables, quilts, and every size tractor ever made. The day was hot and humid and fair perfect.  We all had a great time and enjoyed our gastronomical feast of fatty goodness.  Our bellies are full and our feet are tired and thankfully we got enough of Fair Happiness to last until it rolls around again next summer.

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