Monday, August 9, 2010

Got Milk?

Today was another work all day long type of day. We had much to do after taking yesterday afternoon off.  My younger daughter and I took some adorable pictures of the new puppies.  This little guy has white markings on his chest, mustache, chin and toes.  He is a cutie and has the silkiest coat. I think he looks like he is saying, "Got Milk?" 

Scarlet's puppies are getting bigger every day and are adorable.  I just love the double doodles. This guy looks just like a puppy from Scarlet and Boomer's previous litter.

He should look just like this (minus the snow of course) when he gets just a little bigger:

This little guy...

Will grow up to look just like this sweet double doodle boy

The puppies are all doing really well and we are lucky their mommies are so attentive and loving.  They make our job a lot easier especially when the puppies are little like this.  The mommies do most of the work from birth to 4 weeks of age so we make sure to give the mommy dogs extra TLC and delicious snacks. Deer steak is one of their favorites.  I think they can smell it the second it comes out of the freezer LOL.  It won't be too long before their puppies join in all the festivities. Watching them grow is one of my favorite parts of raising puppies. It is amazing to watch a little tiny newborn puppy that fits in my hand turn into a fluffy fur ball of love. Every week when I take new pictures, I know I am sharing the joy of watching them grow. It is fun to share the love!

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