Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yesteryear Acres Cannonball Splash

Today was a fun day. We spent all morning working and then in the early afternoon my younger daughter and I went to the orchard and picked 2 pecks of early summer apples and a bushel of peaches.  Oh my...the peaches are SOOOO good!  We were literally dripping with peach juice. Tomorrow we are making a deep dish lattice top peach pie.  Everyone is very much looking forward to that!  Later this afternoon once all the work was done we celebrated the finished dock project in style!  The dock is completely done and looks amazing.  Here are the two hardest dock workers ever:
Once we took the official dock completion photo the fun really began.  We all broke in the dock and started the first official Yesteryear Acres Cannonball Dive competition.  It was SO much fun. We had a blast taking dive jumping photos.

Mr. Yesteryear Acres after a particularly awesome cannonball splash.
Synchronized Diving Perfected

My son got off some spectacular height on his splashes

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I enjoying the swim filled afternoon

Tandem Jumps were the best
The dock builders celebrate

It felt amazing to celebrate the completion of our long awaited project.  Summer just got a whole lot more fun!

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