Saturday, February 19, 2011

14 Hours and 34 minutes later

I am home. I am tired. I am sore and exhausted. My toes are tired. My feet are tired. My back is totally wiped out.  I even have a blister....on my FINGER! What brought on this total exhaustion?????  DRESS SHOPPING. Oh my goodness.  My older daughter was granted leave from the Naval Academy for the weekend and came home late last night. Bright and early this morning, the girls and I headed out the door. Our mission - One Prom dress for my younger daughter and one Ring Dance Dress for my older daughter.  At the end of the 2C or "Junior Year" at the Naval Academy there is a very formal dance called the "Ring Dance" where the midshipmen dip their class rings in water from the seven seas and then get to wear their rings. It is a significant event and a most formal affair.  So today we headed off to find the perfect formal gowns.  In case you are wondering - this is NO easy task. Both of my girls have completely different tastes and both want my opinion at the same time and both want me to zip their dresses at the same time and both want their mommy at the same time. We went to every store. They tried on every dress. I think I zipped up at least 500 dresses today!  Hence the blister on my finger!  I was on my feet all day long and zipped and zipped and zipped and zipped.  My mom ended up meeting us and she also zipped and zipped and zipped.  We left no dress behind.  In the end - my older daughter found the perfect Ring Dance dress. It fits her perfectly and is SO beautiful! She looks amazing in it.  My younger daughter found the perfect prom dress. It fits her perfectly and is SO beautiful. She looks amazing in it.  They will both be the belle of the ball when their events roll around.  And for me.....well I am crawling and I do mean crawling into bed. I am fairly certain I will be sound asleep before my head hits the pillow and I will sleep happy in the thoughts that both my girls will be dreaming of their perfect dresses.

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  1. I see. Im a nurse and what we have is Pinning Ceremony, where the graduating seniors will pin us a pin.

    It's nice to have these kinds of tradition from one school to another. I get to think about my college years whenever I see my Class Rings


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