Monday, February 21, 2011


Delays can be so frustrating. They can ruin an entire day especially when you have everything planned out exactly and all of the sudden your carefully laid plans have to be thrown out the window. Today our plans got thrown out the window but instead of sadness and frustration - cheers and hoorays filled the air.  My daughter's flight back to the Naval Academy was delayed today. And then delayed some more. YEA!  It was like we were given the gift of an entire day together.  We expected our daughter to leave early - so our carefully laid plans were to get up, eat quickly and get out the door.  Now we were given a leisurely breakfast AND lunch! We were given time for coffee and fun. We were given family time - the best gift of all! We set aside our work plans and all hung out together, giddy with the extra time we had. We couldn't have enjoyed our President's Day more.  It was so unexpected and definitely most appreciated.  When our time together came to an end and I had to drive my daughter back to the airport the usual gloom and doom over her leaving was absent. We were all still smiling due to the flight delay. Even as I hugged her good-bye at the airport, I still felt so lucky to have had her for the afternoon that my eyes didn't fill with tears. She felt the same way. We had full and happy hearts. We filled every space of our weekend together and loved every minute. Tomorrow we will all be ready for the work-filled week. My list of things to do is a mile long and I am up for the task. First thing on the list - PUPPY PICTURES!  I had hoped to get them all published to the website today, but one delay trickled down to another delay which trickled down to setting aside the webpage until tomorrow morning. For today - I would like to give my deepest thanks for my day of delays. It was the best President's Day - airline flight delay - ever.

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