Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day of Nothing

Today was spent doing.....NOTHING! My daughter got the whole day off from the Naval Academy so she and my son and I just hung out together all day long.  My son, who works all the time, didn't quite know what to do with so much free time.  By 10:33am this morning he was already wondering what to do.  He doesn't really know how to sit around and do nothing.  He works every single day without fail so an entire day off was foreign to him. He managed to fill in the empty spaces of the day with a LOT of snacking - so it ended up working out very well for him.  He can really put away the food! Thankfully I brought a ton of food with me so he was all set. His day off was much appreciated. We spent the day with no agenda. We had nothing on our "To-Do" list for the entire day. I have to say watching your son and older daughter laugh and joke and have the best time together with no worries makes for a terrific day.  The weather outside was wet and dreary. The weather inside - delightful! Tonight a bit of reality creeps back in as there is homework to do and I need to cook dinner and do some dishes - but for the day - the nothingness was completely awesome. The only real thing on my "to-do" list is ....... be with my family. And in that lies everything.

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