Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 Days

That is what the meteorologist said last night - 15 days.  That is how many days we have had since December 1st - without precipitation.  15 days where we saw something called "the sun" or at least partial views of the sun.  The rest of the days have all had snow or ice or rain or sleet or all the above. Winter is sure putting on quite the display this year. It just won't quit. Tonight it will be a whopping -13* below zero (real temperature) and warm up to something like 10*.  It is soooooo cold!!!! Yesterday while I was at the vet's office I said, "OH LOOK! IT IS SNOWING! WOW! YEAAAAAAAAA!  We haven't seen snow in SO long".  I got a lot of mean looks over that one. I think I might have brought a few people to tears.  Everyone seems to be pretty sick and tired of the winter scene.  There are a few mornings when my daughter has swim practice at 5:30am. As in - she is IN the pool swimming at 5:30 in the morning when it is bitter cold outside and dark and dreary. She usually leaves the house right at 5:10am to make it to the pool on time.  On nice days, she rolls out of bed around 4:55am and is out the door 15 minutes later. She can't remember the last time she got to "sleep in" until 4:55am.  With our lovely winter, she is up before 4:30am just to scrape all the ice and snow from her car.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres even cleans her car off before he goes to bed the night before. Slushy puddles, icy windshields, slippery sidewalks, snowdrifts, roof raking, backyards of treacherous ice - I believe we have had our fill.  Now I know it will be warm soon enough.  I know we will probably break the record this summer with the number of days the heat index is over 100*.  I know that we will all think IT IS TOO HOT! But right now....oh my does that sound SO good. I miss you Mr. Sunshine. If you wanted to bring a few smiles this way - a nice warm sunbath would sure brighten our day. I have my blanket all ready!  Scooter and I would really like to snuggle in a few sun rays for a while.  You don't even need to stay long - maybe an hour or two.  I will look for you tomorrow.  Hope to see you at my window!!!!!

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