Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day of Worry...all ends well

Last night my sweet loveable doggie Scooter did not feel well at all.  Scooter is my constant companion.  He is my very bestest furry friend. He is Mr. Yesteryear Acres' bestest furry friend too.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres brought Scooter home as a present to me when I was recovering from a car accident.  I was hit by a drunk driver and spent months recuperating in a hospital bed.  I couldn't do anything, couldn't go to my children's events, couldn't go out, and I couldn't even play with my doggies. It was a long long long 6 months.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres brought home a tiny toy poodle that was just the right size to snuggle in my hospital bed. He named him Scooter and Scooter stayed in my bed with me every day while I got better.  He was under 2 lbs when he first arrived:
And now fully grown he weighs 6.4lbs

Last night Scooter was really sick.  We were up all night worried about him.  I don't think Mr. Yesteryear Acres or I got any sleep.  We can't imagine life without our sweet Scooter. He helps train our puppies, follows us everywhere we go and is the best companion. Scooter was in a lot of pain and his tummy was all distended so first thing this morning I ran him into the vet's office. Thankfully all the really scary things were ruled out early on.  It turns out that Scooter hurt a disc in his spine from falling on the ice.  He was in too much pain to go to the bathroom so that is why his stomach was all bloated.  Scooter is now on steroids and pain medicine and is feeling SO much better already.  He was able to go to the bathroom and can walk again - slowly - but surely.  He is on strict bed rest so that he can heal.  The vet said that I should stay in bed with him.  I asked for a prescription for that but sadly I didn't get one. I guess I still have to work but Scooter has a nice soft blanket that is on the floor and I just bring Scooter and his blanket with me from room to room.  Even though a hurt disc is awful - it isn't as awful as some of the other things it could have been and I am so grateful he will be okay!  Tonight we will all sleep cuddled up thankful that Scooter is feeling better. Thank you dear veterinarian for making my furry baby better. 

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  1. YAY Scooter is okay! Just love that little face! Glad to hear he will recover and all will sleep tonight!


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