Friday, February 25, 2011


This morning we awoke to a blanket of white. I was so glad my daughter and I chose to get a hotel so close to the University. Despite the fact we were less than one mile from the University we barely made it on time because our car turned into a snow covered carsicle overnight. The inch of rain we got yesterday was followed by a massive dumping of sleet and snow this morning. There were 449 other brave students that showed up for the accepted student day. We were greeted with warm apple pastries and hot steaming coffee so you know the day started out just right. I have to say my expectations were very high. I wanted to be WOWed. I wanted to feel goosebumps of excitement. I wanted to feel that when I left my daughter standing at the gates of the college I would feel nothing but happiness for her and her new adventure. In my opinion there were big shoes to fill on this college visit and maybe, just maybe, I went feeling a little doubtful that this could be accomplished. Well I am happy to report my expectations were not only met, but in many ways my expectations were exceeded. The professors were wonderful. We were lucky enough to spend several hours with the professors from the science department. The Botany professor made me want to take Botany. The Epidemiology professor made me want to take classes in Epidemiology. The Zoology professor was so warm and friendly and interesting; it was hard to say goodbye. The professors really made you feel like you were welcome friends that they have known for a long time. My daughter felt exactly the same way. She thought the professors were amazing. I think she was the most surprised when after talking to the statistics professor she was eagerly looking forward to taking her required statistics class. The campus was beautiful, the students were helpful and friendly, the food was delicious, and the whole day couldn't be better. If we decide to participate in another accepted student college day, the shoes THAT college would have to fill would be mighty big indeed. The reality of my daughter's departure for college is seemingly just around the corner but now instead of being a big scary unknown, it is a comforting exciting adventure that she can't wait to begin. 

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