Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am an Official Junkie

I promise I don't live in a cave. I keep up on daily events, read the newspaper and watch TV. What I have never seen however, not once, not even one episode is..... American Idol. I realize that this is probably shocking to most people given the ridiculously high ratings and Internet buzz and office gossip about American Idol. It seems as though almost everyone watches it but, alas I have not.  That is...until I walked by the living room and my daughter had it on and there was a man singing with a bass and WOW he was amazing!  I stopped dead in my tracks and listened with the biggest grin on my face. I was hooked instantly. My daughter had recorded several episodes of the newest season and we were both really tired from our trip so yes,  I have to admit -that today - my productivity level was ZERO. ZERO!  I started watching the show with her and suddenly I had 3-4 favorites that just blew me away and I needed to know if they made it to the next round. I mean I NEEDED to know. I couldn't walk away without knowing whether the bass player made it.  I couldn't leave without seeing if my favorite soft spoken singer was going to go on. In ONE afternoon - I became an American Idol junkie! How can this happen? How can an entire afternoon slip away JUST LIKE THAT?  What has happened to me? I have lived for 10 seasons with nary a glance at that show and now our recorder is set to record every single second of the rest of the season. My daughter and I have pledged to watch all of them together. I guess it comes down to - appreciating and loving real musical talent. There were a few singers that truly gave me goosebumps. I think I hardly took a breath during their performances.  So much talent! I just love hearing someone who is naturally gifted and has so much voice inside of them. It is inspiring. I can see why people watch.  I will admit that I loved it.  I will admit that I am already addicted and can't wait for next week's singing. However, I know I will NOT vote.   I mean that is obsessive right? Calling some number and voting again and again.  That is a time waster. That will not be me. No way.  I mean - the Bass player and the soft spoken singer guy and the kid with the pipes HAVE to make it....right?! what is that number?

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