Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hope it is a perfect fit

Even though clearly I am supposed to be locked away upstairs diligently working on taxes - I am not. I have a good excuse though! After dinner tonight my younger daughter and I are driving to a hotel and then first thing tomorrow morning we have an "official accepted students" tour at one of the colleges she is considering. While we await word from the other "dream colleges" as to whether she has been accepted or not - we do have one super college that has already let us know that "YES we would love to have you attend!" The college is hosting an all day event tomorrow and I am ready to be "WOWed". I really hope I get the "wow" factor.  This will be my very first official accepted student tour of a college that is NOT a service academy.  To compare a service academy to a civilian college is not at all fair because really they are so different. The campuses are different, the classes are different, the students are different and certainly the mission is different. I have so much respect for the service academies and all the students that attend them. They are really stellar places of higher learning. And so tomorrow - new place. New ideas. New ebb and flow. I am going with a very open mind and I am eager to see just what goes on at a civilian college and how it might be a perfect fit for my daughter. I want her to love where she will be going to college no matter which college she ultimately chooses. I want it to fit her like the most perfect glove. I know she has high expectations for tomorrow so I have a lot of hopeful feelings for both of us.  We will be treated to a tour of the zoology department and get to sit in on some classes. I am sure that will be the highlight of the entire trip as the zoology department is supposed to be top notch. My overnight bag is packed. My GPS is loaded with our destination. I have a batch of beef stroganoff slowly simmering on the stove for a delicious meal before we depart. My blog is written. My emails are answered. I am ready for the college zoology, biology, icthyology, ornithology, mammalogy, parasitology, entomology, ecology and all other ology adventure.

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